Monday 9 January 2017

Workbench Update

I guess quite a few things happening on the bench at the moment!!!

Finished the 3rd squadron of the Orleans Regiment - riders painted by Steve Allen and horses etc by me. Just one squadron to go.

I've also finished a few more of the 15mm 'Spartacus' army - for some reason I'm finding these a real chew to paint - nothing wrong with the figures - just me.

I've also painted up five of the Naval landing party - converted from Jim Purkey's Fife and Drum range I'm hoping we can to an agreement on these that I can make some more and make them available.
The 'greens' are some  compagnie franche de la marine I'm doing to be cast up for Stuart Insch for a project he's working on for the Sugar Island campaigns - there's more to come for this interesting period.
Not a bad start to the year and of course in the background there's all sorts of other stuff happening

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marinergrim said...

Busy man. Never a dull moment on your workbench is there?