Monday, 23 May 2016

Partizan 2016

Sunday saw the Newark Irregulars host Partizan at the new venue of the Newark Showground.
I have been doing a demo game at , at least on of the Partizan shows for more years than I care to remember bearing i mind they have been at Kelham Hall for 20+ years !!!

So rather than take my trade stand I thought it would be a good opportunity to put on a demo using my figures ( mainly mine :) )

However first things first  - the new venue is an exhibition hall on the Newark showground very easy to get to and unload.  Its bright, reasonably airy, plenty of space good food etc.

With over 900 people through the door there was a clear reversal of the falling numbers from recent years and I spoke to quite a few people who were attending the show for the first time.

As far as I'm concerned it was an excellent day- I'd just about lost my voice by the time I got home from all the talking. A significant number seemed to stay beyond the usual 2pm drift off time.

Over 50 games, loads of traders Laurence and Richard got this one cracked. I loved it and it was so good to meet a lot of enthusiastic people. Inspired me.
Onto the pics, I'm afraid it was my usual quick run around so apart from my game no names I'm afraid - I need to find more volunteers to help run the game.
Some pics of my 1744 game first

and now just a small selection of some of the other excellent games at the show.

these are really only a taster of what was on display, and there were so many other good games I never got chance to take pictures of.
I will certainly be back in August for the Other Partizan


  1. It was a superb day. Still got a buzz from it twenty four hours later.

  2. It was indeed and excellent day! And your figures looked lovely!

  3. Your game looks excellent Graham, glad you enjoyed the day,

  4. Wonderful photographs Graham that capture the quality of the show very well. Dare I say it but the aesthetics of these games looked far superior to the majority of the Salute games I saw on line (Bill Gaskin and the AMG games aside of course). Your game looks sensational.

    1. Carlo,
      The Wargaming girl blog has lots of photos of lots of the games n display and I do think the games were better than Salute! Real wargames. The participation game area was a seperate area which worked well but lots of good historical games on display

  5. It was indeed a good day out.. Your game looked the biz as well I must say