Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A little bit of Hohenfreiburg.

Saturday saw me travel up to Charles Grant's to do battle with John Dougan.
Charles had told us we were to be fighting the first part of the battle of Hohenfreiburg - the Prussian attack on the Saxons.
Now as this and part two ( to be fought in July) is to appear in volume 3 of Charles' 'Refighting History' books I can say no more about the game except it was a great game. There were some outstanding elements to it and all in all 29 bounds were fought over a day and a half and a conclusion reached.
I shall post a few pics of the view
first from the Prussian end of the table

The Saxon Horse ready for action

The view from behind the Saxon army

 As usual Charles and Liz were excellent hosts, there was much discussion over a glass of wine or three of future plans. So roll on July for part deux.


  1. Looks wonderful Graham you lucky fellow. Look forward to the write up mate.

    1. So do I - at least this time I didn't get my a**e kicked.