Thursday 3 September 2015

Workbench Thursday 3/9/2015

I guess it's going to be autumn before I get back into weekly updates :(
However whilst you may not be able to see it there are gaps on the workbench although to be fair they've been filled this morning by the arrival of two painted British battalions from Mark Allen
the green faced unit will be Fleming's 36th and the buff Regiment the 27th (Inniskilling).
Whilst they sit on their bases letting the glue set I will get the standards ready for issue. This will bring me up to 9 battalions of the 16 needed for Culloden so we are now past half way :)


marinergrim said...

They look terrific Graham.
Perhaps one day they may be able to face my Jacobites.

Graham C said...

No problem :)

David Jarvis said...

Graham, those Redcoats look fabulous. Inspiring!


guy said...

Absolutely cracking. Love them. Now 16 of those which look the absolute business. I am painting as fast as I can to keep up.