Monday 10 August 2015

From Bench to table

The first two units completed off the bench - just short of 100 figures.
Barrells Regiment which took the heaviest casualties at Culloden now based and ready for action, the Standards are by Flags of War and I stock them in the shop.

The Suren Grenadiers as I said before were purchased more from the nostalgic point of view however I have contemplated keeping some odd units back for use in the Albion campaigns - I saw the standard on the warflag site its a Medieval one 'The Guild' and hence a kernel of an idea -troops supplied by the Guild to ensure the money they have loaned to various states is being spent wisely and to good effect in the struggles, so the Grenadiers are the first of 'The Guild' to march.


Chris Gregg said...

The Guild regiment looks jolly fine Graham, and Barrell's Regt sets the windmill off a treat :-)

Graham C said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes very battlefield needs a good windmill or two and yours are the best. :)