Thursday, 2 July 2015

What's on the work bench - 2nd July

It's been a while since my last update and apologies for that.
There was the wind down from Partizan and then the wind up for something special for the AMG forum next year - more later.

The Crann Tara blog and facebook page has had quite a few updates on new releases etc but I don't intend to repeat here.
So what's on the bench?

I am now past the half way point of Barrel's regiment, once completed that will leave two regiments to be completed for the Culloden first line ( the firing line) - then we start on the second line ( at ready pose) another 6 regiments.
The third line ( marching pose) has 3 of the 5 regiments done :)

Also on the bench are some Newline 20mm Dutch Belgians to try out on a Blucher base.
You can also see the painted samples of the forthcoming Garde Francais, Spanish and Savoia infantry together with the horse for the Dragoon horse holder I have made.

Hopefully next week will be a little more productive. :)


  1. A very crowded and productive workbench! Much better than mine...

  2. Andy,
    The chaps in the background have a habit of standing around for quite awhile!

  3. Yes. It's a bit depressing when you have to dust figures before resuming painting them again!

  4. Really looking forward to seeing your Culloden forces laid out Graham. You're making amazing progress so far...

  5. That will be one great refight once complete.

    1. Stu,
      Still a way off I would like to get it complete for next year