Saturday, 18 July 2015

Late update - Lots done

I really need to catch up with the posts but its been busy on the Crann Tara front and with my good lady wanting a few days away then time to access the PC has been limited.
A bit of a cornucopia of goodies really
First up to regiments of French painted by a colleague for me, just finished basing today. The flags for De Clare are painted by Mark Allen, the flags for Languedoc are purchased from Maverick flags.

 Not having time to do Napoleonics in 28mm ( other than a bit of skirmishing) and been quite taken with the Blucher rules thought I'd paint and base a unit for the rules in 20mm! - Dutch Belgians, 24 figures on a Blucher base, once I've finished them off will put up some more pics.
 Finally my 36 element Macedonian army for DBA3 is still progressing - light Cavalry and Thessalians . Figures from West Wend/Forged in battle.

So all in all not a bad couple of days work. My wife is back at work tomorrow so apart from cutting grass its a painting day :)


  1. Splendid paint job, congrats!

  2. The Irish look particularly good Graham.
    Well done, Robbie.

    1. Robbie,
      Next up Saxe's lancers and more French line, but there's two more Irish on the stocks that will be winging their way to Steve.

  3. Hi Graham,

    They look really good!

    What rules do you use?

    Best, Simon

  4. Hi Simon,
    For the 18th century I use 'The War Game with suitable amendments for the smaller battalions.
    The 15mm ancients are for DBA - big battle although I have bought enough to make bigger units for 'To The Strongest' just I can get 36 elements painted fairly quickly and can then add to the army a bit more slowly.

  5. Hi Graham,

    Great to see the spread of your gaming interests mate - just like me!!! Fantastic looking figures across all scales.