Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Looking For a Good Home! What next for 2013

First and foremost I realised over the Christmas period that my Purchase of painted figures from Iain Gale was rash, only by the size of the purchase and after much thinking I have decided to let some of the figures go, mainly because in the cold light of day it starts to take my Imagi-nation down oaths I don't really want to go.
I have promised first shout on these figures to Robbie of the Independent Wargames Group but if he doesn't want them then I will be taking some more pics and seeing if anyone is interested on here.

Both units are to Charles Grants Wargame Organisation,

The Grenadiers are Stadden (thanks Der Alte Fritz) figures and the Prussian Dragoons are Holger Erickson expressions of interest appreciated.

Now as to plans for 2013- 2012 painting schedule lasted until around August/September which was good for me and I do need to give some thought as to how I go about things this year. The gaming centre places its own demands in making sure we have figures and terrain ready for the various tournaments and battle days we are hosting (Saga on 23rd Feb and Musket and Tomahawks in March or early April).
In summary I want to get some more of the Imagi-nation completed, hopefully when Richard finishes the new sculpts complete my Jacobite foot, the 15mm WWII Italians just need a final push,my 10mm DBN Austerlitz game is also entering the final stages and just needs a bit more effort.
On top of that is my 28mm Magnesia project and the pressure is on from colleagues to blitz the Zulu War! Finally I would like to get some more of the Middle Earth figures done this year!
In reserve there's the 6mm Franco Prussian  which just lacks cavalry and artillery! and I've also started dabbling in 20mm ECW and Napoleonics. So this week I need to think about whats achievable and then do something completely different!


  1. The grenadiers are Stadden figures - 30mm, and the cavalry look to be Holger Erickson figures. How many figures are in each unit?

  2. Jim,
    thanks for that I will edit the script.
    There are 29 Cavalry figures to the unit,
    Infantry 56 figures plus a spare who isn't fully completed and a fully painted Mounted Colonel.