Tuesday 22 January 2013

January Progress!

Well this month the target is to clear the bench of accumulated stuff, its going to be hard and I doubt it will be totally clear but I am making progress, so far completed 24 phalangites, 18 20mm ECW, a couple of scifi figures and 13 Saga Dark age figs for a commission pics. below.

They are a selection of Irish and Norse Gaels together with the Gunnar Humandarson figure from Gripping Beast. The boys are getting ready for our Saga Tourney on the 23rd February.

The 20mm ECW (pics to follow when the bases done) have surprised me, I think they look really nice and I may find myself drifting back into this scale for a couple of periods.
Looking forward to the York show on the 3rd February and see what new temptations are out there.

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