Monday, 12 December 2011

A week later!

Thanks to those people who have made comment. The last week has seen me sort out the painting table and starting to finish off all the bits that were started before I moved.
A couple of pics of the study

I need three or four different projects on the go at once, Ive started another 16 Scotia Albion infantry, based 40 Phalangites, started some palstic saxons for saga and finished some Sarmation Cataphracts to go on ebay

I thought since I mentioned it I show a few pics of my cabin

The cabins double walled and double glased for year round use, the table is a 6'x5' with a 2' drop leaf and whilst like most gamers I would have liked more! to be honest most of the games I play will fit on this with ease. Still sorting out but we are getting there.

Finally pics of the garage which identifies the ocd and the reason I need to start selling, my first 37 items are on ebay my 28mm WWII painted figs! What next who knows

The small plastic boxes all contain painted figures, large crates on the floor are figures I may consider to sell and there's also my work bench with just a few crates under the bench. Do I have a problem, not me!
I hope to have the Scotia Albion infantry finished this week and then start on their command.


  1. Nice cabin. I'm jealous! :)

    And very nice Sarmations!

  2. ditto what Andy said! Very nice. I like the shelves and the table and all.

  3. Your cabin looks like a wonderful gaming space, sir. Enjoy it.

    -- Jeff