Monday, 5 December 2011

A long time absent

Well a year between posts and what a year! Rather than retiring I let the company talk me in to helping them outand found myself travelling all over the country. In September having driven almost 45000 miles and being away from home 4 days a week enough was enough and I called time and this time have really retired.

In April we also moved home which saw my somewhat overlarge collection packed away, since then we have renovated the house from top to bottom and the carpet fitters are here today to draw a close on the work!
 The positive is the garden is large enough to accommodate a log cabin which Ive also built for the wargames room! Built but only one game played so far!
The move made me realise that I have way too much stuff and a major clear out is under way and Ive been selling at shows and ebay these last couple of months and more will follow.
The net result was that painting and hobby effectively ground to a halt!
But I'm back, my enthusiasm for this project has been dented but not diminished and I'm dipping the toe back in the water. The proof will be in the postings, but no promises just hopefully results.


  1. Welcome back! Enjoy the retirement and get in that cabin!

    I remember when we'd finished our house and carpets were due. They fitted them very quickly on the day once my heavily pregnant wife told them she was due that day!

    Look forward to seeing more post.


  2. Welcome back!
    Hope to read more of you now: best wishes.

  3. Welcome back, Graham!

    Please let us know what you are winnowing your toys down to . . . what still excites you.

    And kindly don't take another year to do so.

    -- Jeff

  4. Welcome, back! I hope you get to enjoy your retirement and your gaming cabin now.

  5. Welcome back and I look forward to the tabletop results!