Friday 12 May 2023

Off the bench and Battle of Wavre

 Whilst still attacking my epic Napoleonic figures I thought I’d intersperse the painting schedule with some 28’s for my 1790’s Italian campaign. To add a little variety I wanted a couple of regiments of Piedmont infantry, I’ve bought some Eureka figures but I thought I’d also try the figures from Emperors Toad, sculpted by Michael Percy I thoroughly enjoyed painting these chaps. The regiment Savoy, flags are being dispatched by Maverick models and will be issued soon.

The Battle of Wavre is most probably the most ignored battle of the 1815 campaign the 17000 men of the Prussian III corps under the command of General Thielmann holding off 33000 French under the overall command of Marshall Grouchy. It was a hard fought affair and is certainly worthy of some reading.

Norm on the Battlefield and Warriors blog decided to run the battle as a PBM campaign and asked for 10 volunteers to participate. I threw my hat in the ring and ended up being appointed as General Thielmann !

What followed over the following 10 days was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever participated in. The frustrations of Fog of War, lack of reports or detail from subordinate Generals it was to say the least immersive and Norm did a wonderful job. He kept a diary and this is available to read here, it makes for a most enjoyable read. It was even more enjoyable to discover that my most erstwhile opponent as Vandamme was JBM certainly exploiting his relocation to France by joining their ranks in battle.

I will not go into detail or disclose the result, this was the campaign map we fought over

With Wavre town being the locations 16,21 and 22. In many ways I’m sad to see it’s conclusion although my wife may not agree as most nights I was reading reports, uttering profanities at some of the information ( or lack thereof) and scribbling new orders for the ADC’s.
Highlight of the year for sure


The Jolly Broom Man said...

The number of times I had to be excused from household chores because Lefol was in trouble at that damned bridge or Exelmans needed reigning in was well worth it. I kept explaining that I’d love to do the dishes but a lot of people were waiting on my orders, so NO the emails couldn’t wait. Lol. On Tuesday my wife finally gave up and told my son I couldn’t come to the phone because I was “having more trouble with ruddy Prussians”. At least I can blame you now for the grass not being cut when it was sunny. Wonder if I can claim PTSD for the strain of all that combat? When she chides me for not hoovering upstairs I can shout, “you wouldn’t know man…you weren’t there!” :-)

Norm said...

Thanks Graham (and JB) for all the support that you gave the e-mail game. It certainly produced elements that can never be replicated in face-to-face or solo gaming, because the all seeing eye knows too much.

Speaking of time constraints, One of my revelations is that I have been so busy with all of this, I have not even had chance to keep up with the national / international news and guess what …… it doesn’t matter ! 🙂

Donnie McGibbon said...

Your Piedmont troops look great, Emperor Toad's are a very undersold and underrated lie of figures, they look great and paint up really well, nice to see your troops as they are cracking!

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Beautiful figures Graham and are perfect for the kingdoms threatened by the revolution, well done.