Friday 16 December 2022

Another bit of a book and rule clearance.

 I aim to put a bit of a Christmas post up next week. But in the meantime in preparation for my 2023 projects and much overdue tidy up in the hobby loft I have done another sort out of books and rules. For me there are only so many books you can hold on the same topic and once the projects are done surplus books can go.

Hopefully everything is priced just to sell and postage will be at cost. Anything you want just get in touch, either through Facebook or message me on here with your email and I will not publish on blog. 

Prices are as follows: 

Triumph and Tragedy £2 SOLD

All the Osprey rule books £5 each

Hodges Scout £3 SOLD

Up the Nile £3 SOLD

Russias Way to the West £6.50 SOLD

The Wild Goose and the Eagle £5 SOLD

In Deo Veritas £5

Frederick The Great - A Military Life £6

The Art of the Flat Tin Figure £5

Fontenoy £5

Zweybruken in Command £4.50

The Army do Maria Theresa £6 SOLD

Die Armee des Augusts Starken £5

The Red Lancers £5

Foys history of the Peninsular War £12

Ferdinand of Brunswick £4.50 SOLD

Pioneers and Heroes of the Wild West £2.50

Forlorn Hope £6.00

Operations of the Allied Army under the Duke of Brunswick £4.50 SOLD

Controlling the Chaos £5.00  SOLD

Lawsons 5 volume set of History of the uniforms of the British Army 1660 -1805. ( vol 5 mainly focuses on militia as per photo) the bible as far as British uniforms go £30.SOLD

Finally in the New Year I may be selling my Wofun 18mm Peninsular War collection as I acquired a large 15mm painted collection this year. If anyone is interested let me know.


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Donnie McGibbon said...

Graham, if still available I would like the "Army of Maria Theresa" , "Ferdinand of Brunswick" and "Operations of the allied army" Let me know a total if all available including the postage.