Wednesday 4 December 2019

Small ! Disruption to service.

Apologies for the quiet spell this has been largely due to an unforeseen turn of events - when we lost our last dog in August my wife went to great lengths to explain to me how we should take a time out, maybe a year or two before we considered another dog and if we did it had to be small as she wasn't used to large dogs!
Meet Oscar

A 6-8 month old 
Romanian Mountain shepherd dog. !  He's not a small dog and I don't think a year or so has passed but he's a rescue dog which my wife fell in love with and told me we had to have him.
Considering how badly he's been treat he's settled in really well and is responding to training just he's my shadow and at the moment he has declined to follow me to the loft where the paint table is!

Other than that last weekend was the Battleground show at Stockton - organised by Leon from Pendraken miniatures the show has gone from strength to strength and certainly punches above its weight. I was trading sodidnt really get a good look around but everyone seems to have had a good time. For more informative reports visit the Grimsby Wargaming blog or Colin's   Carryings on up the dale blog.

Having said that a couple of pics I took and it was also nice to see the return of Jaclex miniatures- I'd forgotten how nice they looked in their simpleness of design. '

Finally since I'm unable to get to the paint table then I've been putting transfers on the shields of my 15mm Macedonian pikemen 48 bases down 8 to go! This is a real pain hence the delay in putting off - but I guess it's better than painting them!


marinergrim said...

Nice dog and a worthwhile cause to have supported. Hope the show was a success for you - certainly seemed very busy.

Independentwargamesgroup said...

So when will he be sharing the bed? By the way those Saxons are a wonderful emerging range, look forward to the Ulhans, well done.

Graham C said...

Sharing the bed! Think he'd kick me out.
Yeah the Saxons have been a long time coming but they're going to be worth it

Graham C said...

It was very good from both selling the range and getting rid of more unwanted stuff. Just a need a helper next year so I can enjoy the show as well!

StuartInsch said...

A fine looking character !
Every home needs a hound 🐶