Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Home again and non stop together with a new project.

Well I've been home a fortnight and this is the first opportunity to play catch up on the blog.

I had to clear some Crann Tara orders and carry on packing the lead and plastic mountain which even though I have sold loads still seems overly large !!!

The Saxon Rapid fire cannon arrived from Griffin and is on the Crann Tara web shop.
And in a moment of madness I bought myself a 3d Resin printer ------

An Anycubic Photon and at a little over £400 is a pretty low cost entry into this world.

I'm hoping to use to print the resin masters for the series of artillery pieces I aim to release in the future and I'm also hoping to do likewise with a new range of 18th century figures I'm having done for me so lets see.
Of course that doesn't stop me looking at all sorts of other silly things that are out there!!!!

Finally to bring a close to my sons wedding and the trip to Chicago - a lot of people commented how my step son is a minime version of David and that as they grow older he gets more like him!!!
Very odd.

Next update will be back to gaming although it may see a return to some board gaming whilst the packing to move takes it toll!


  1. I've been thinking of getting a Photon 3D printer at some point (no space for one at the moment) . It would be interesting to know how you find using it :)

    1. Tamsin,
      So far so good I shall put some pics up on Friday of test print ( got grandkids tomorrow) I've updated the Facebook page if you visit there. But there's a lot of learning re getting the figure(s) ready to,print but take time and it's great and it's not that big

  2. Exciting developments Graham. I look forward to following your progress on this

  3. New toy sounds interesting! Keep us posted 😊

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