Friday 3 November 2017

Paper Soldiers

Not quite the same ring as Paper Roses by Donnie and Marie Osmond but more fun !

Some time ago on one of the forum's a discussion took place re our wargames bucket list - thos games, battles campaigns we would like to play before our time is up!

All the usuals Waterloo, Gettysburg, Belnheim, Gaugamela etc etc turned up and whilst I'm lucky enough to have ticked off quite a few on my list as you would expect there's still quite a few I would like to do.

One of these is the 1066 campaign - don't ask me why it's just one I would like to do, I've started the project twice -once in 28mm many years ago and after painting 400+ vikings with the thought of having to paint around 500 Saxon figures and the same again for the Normans I gave up and sold the Vikings.

Then about 6 years ago I had another stab this time in 10mm this time I painted the Saxons first but the same stone wall was hit and there were other projects I would rather paint.

So when Helion books started to releases their Battles in Britain books (and now Battles in America) I thought third time lucky. Now there is now way will these replace 'real' figures but Peter Dennis is a damn fine artist and I think he has made some wonderful images.

So in between painting etc the snip, snip, snip can be heard and lo and behold the Saxons for Fulford gate are just about done

Now as I also enjoy board games this sort of thing fits neatly between the two, in addition the rules by Andy Callan seem pretty good as well.

With advancing years and no desire to keep adding to the already substantial lead and plastic mountain I think this is a great halfway house.

For those who dont wish to cut out so close to the figures etc. I've been playing around reducing the figures and painting in the sky - will show some later they end up around 20mm although I did go down as low as 10!!

The books are available from Helion books and Amazon and are certainly worth a look, his AWI one is especially nice. To come is a Marlburian and early medieval.


Tomo said...

Many folks in the wargaming community are naysayers to gaming with paper, but when properly executed it amazing. just like you have illustrated. Well done sir, well done!

MSFoy said...

Looks fantastic Graham - very nice job. I bought the ECW book, because i fancied the rules (they look pretty good) - I'm very nervous about the gluing and snipping bit. Did you use a laser printer? I'm not sure how ink-jet ink and PVA glue woudl work. Smudgy?

Anyway, however you did it, it's terrific. Could you do an instruction post? :-)

Graham C said...

No smudges, just follow the instructions. I use a standard HP printer and 100gsm paper I coat the back of the figures in pva prior to cutting. Glue together with UHU ( how I've missed that smell) . Once glued together I coat in pva again on the outside let dry and then cut seems to work 😀

Graham C said...

The important thing is I get gaming quickly, next up is I think ACW which I will try possibly with the reduced figures. But either way a couple of weeks cutting and gluing and you're off great fun

Big Andy said...

I have the ECW book in that range and also several sets of French paper soldiers depicting the Royal Eccossais. I'm not sure I'd game with either but they are charming. The French set include a coach and horses and artillery .

Graham C said...

Nice but it's a means to an end and will let me game some periods I've always wanted to do without the commitment of time or expense.

Jiminho said...

Those look really good. Some enterprising person should print these on thin card or plywood and pop them in a laser-cutter...
What a great way to do the "battlefield in a box" .

Chris Gregg said...

Your army looks good Graham. Heartily agree about Peter Dennis' talent and I've bought the AWI and ACW books because of that. Must admit I'm a bit put off by the idea (and extra expense) you have to copy and print every page yourself and then go through all that sticking and cutting process, then basing just like metal/plastic figures, then print and make the card terrain......I think I'd rather catch up on painting all those CT figures I've not yet got round to ;-)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I like it ;)