Wednesday 16 August 2017

The March to Kloster camp.

This weekend I shall be attending Charles Grant's wonderful home for a game against my erstwhile opponent John Dougan.
We shall be refighting Kloster Camp and hopefully it should provide enough entertainment and interest to be included in Charles' next book in the Refighting History series.
I'm taking a few of my pieces along but we found we were British Grenadiers short, as I base mine as part of the battalion then it was necessary to paint some more. Charles had 16, so I esent him a further 16 and set about painting my 16 plus a couple of officers.

British Grenadiers i think one of the hardest figures to paint for the period, anyway these are my attempts.

Hopefully will provide another update on the 1744 campaign before the weekend -


Independentwargamesgroup said...

Enjoy the game, you lucky so and so.

Colin Ashton said...

Hope you have fun - sure you will. Yes, British grenadiers are a bugger to paint.

Der Alte Fritz said...

It sounds like a great weekend for you and I'm accordingly envious. Say hello to John and Charles for me.

IMHO, British Grenadiers look harder to paint than they actually are.


StuartInsch said...

Enjoy the game.....and make sure you eat plenty carrots ;-)

Aly Morrison said...

Lovely toys Graham.
A great example of a colourful uniform made...well...more colourful...

Have a great game and send my regards to Charles

All the best. Aly