Thursday, 15 June 2017

One more Sleep to a Gaming Weekend

Well tomorrow will see me travel to Kenilworth for the third 'A Military Gentleman' get together.
Initially started by the commonality that we all owned John Ray's excellent book 'A Military Gentleman' and had a strong interest in the 18th century.

Now whilst some of the attendee's are no longer members of the forum this weekend will see 22 of us gather to play 4 possibly 5 games which with one exception are all based firmly in the 18th century.

With a little! help from Guy I'm hosting a Jacobite rebellion game - I had hoped to use some adaptions to Charles Grant's the Wargame I've been working on but they're not quite complete and certainly not game tested so it will be an Honours of War fall back position. So there's been lots of painting and basing getting ready and this morning it's printing and packing.
In the mean time here's some of the pieces I've got done. The British gunners were painted by Mark Allen and Pistligo's horse are unfinished metal masters I've press ganged.

Ally Morrison will be there with his painted version of the Perry's Travel battle for gaming in the bar! and Jim Purky is flying in from America so all in all it promises to be a great weekend.

Hopefully lots of pictures taken for when I get back


  1. to paraphrase the Beastie boys "No sleep to Kenilworth"

  2. It occurs to me that as game hosts we won't get to play in any other games 😓

  3. Colin,
    No doubt but that just allows me to be mischievous with the participants either way I had a great time last year and I'm looking forward to this.

  4. This year I am not running a game so I look forward to joining in your games.

  5. Graham,
    thats a lovely battery. also love the houses in the background, oh and I will be drinking mainly vodka this weekend, it makes me mellow.

  6. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend Graham.

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