Monday, 20 March 2017


A frustrating couple of weeks which I won't bore you with but with my Mam in hospital time is extremely limited especially as I come to realise that individually the majority of staff in the NHS are wonderful and hardworking .As an organisation it is inept and it is so easy to see how people with little conscious can sue and claim so much from an organisation which is so focussed on paperwork and forms that it loses sight of what it is there to do.

Rant over - for now! As things go on no doubt I will find the need to chew the fat on here and I apologise in advance.

As a result things have slowed down but some progress is being made
The cuirassiers await some grass! ( I prefer red wine) and unfortunately Spartacus' boys still look for some paint.
Off screen is the blood bowl team I promised o paint to take on my son - maybe next week???


  1. Graham ,,, having has plenty of dealings with James Cook UH recently I share your thoughts... good luck getting through things...

    1. Dave,
      Cheers - so frustrating when ' normal' people can see what's wrong but bureaucracy rules

  2. Graham, I know how you feel and you have my heartfelt sympathies and empathy. The entire staff we've dealt with through my Mother-in-Law's decline and passing have been terrific. The paperwork less so.

  3. Lovely cuirassiers Graham. One can never have enough of them. Shame about your Mam, you need to keep on top of the NHS staff to make things work Its like turning a large ship.