Sunday, 7 August 2016

Workbench - another busy week

Whoever said retirement was a time to relax and chill was a liar!!!
Anyway a couple of pics of the workbench - It's heads down to get 3 squadrons of Scots Greys finished for the 25th September in time for the battle of Rocoux. - No problem!!!

In addition trying to catch up on painting highlanders as well as those other little diversions.

For those that have been to the Crann Tara blog you will see there's the Jacobite personalities and artillery crews for the Jacobites and British armies so lots going on there as well and of course preparation for 'the other Partizan' in August - not a lot then.

In closing found this and thought it was rather good.


  1. That looks like a very busy workbench Graham :)

    1. Tamsin,
      Full of busy but you destroy me when it comes to productivity

  2. Crack on then! Bit of effort they will be done next week!

  3. Keep up the good work Graham. Those Scots Greys will look sensational mate!

  4. Carlo,
    Thanks for the confidence

  5. Busy workbench. Too many distractions for me - I'd never know which to go at next. I do like the new figures on your website though. distractions distractions.