Monday, 18 April 2016

Salute 2016

I may be a little late to the party on this one. The downside of having a trade stand at this show is that unless you take and pay for a legion of helpers then it is difficult to see anything of the event.

With 5,800 early bird tickets sold and still more people paying on the day it was busy, very busy.
On the quick run around I did I managed to take a few pictures, I did miss some games that were worthy of pictures but that is the norm I'm afraid.

As to be expected there were quite a lot of Sci fi and fantasy type games and what I would also call parlour games ( i.e. those that you can play on a small table) and there has already been some debate about these type of games been worthy enough for such a show. To me the show reflects the hobby and as long as the games are well presented and have good quality terrain and figures then that's fine.

Sadly some of the display games did not live up to this and were poorly presented, displayed and promoted.

Having said that there were also some excellent games and it was great to see that despite the complaints of non.historical games taking over the hobby it was Ian Smith and his friends who won best of show with their 40mm Napoleonic game, strongly challenged I guess by Bill Gaskin's superb Seven Years War game on the next table.
So onto the pics. sorry they're in nor order and not labelled but it doesn't stop you looking :)


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    1. Thanks Tamsin, sorry I couldn't get to the bloggers meet - serving on the stand :(

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  3. Bloggers' meet? Glad I was misinformed and Ian did win best game.

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    1. Steve,
      I agree I thought Ian's 40mm and Bills game were the best two games in the show and certainly flew the flag for Historical wargames

  5. Graham do you know what range of figures were used in the Gaskin SYW game or are they his own creations and conversions.


    1. Guy,
      Lots of conversions and lots of his own.!!! Certainly lots of inspiration, have to take another look at my range and discuss options in June :)

  6. Graham, thanks for posting so many photos, especially of the Bill Gaskins game.

  7. great looking pictures Graham. Hope you had a productive day at the show.