Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Memories are made of this

Whilst sorting through boxes and folders I found these publications at the princely sum of 0.40p and 0.50 it's an indication of how old they are but at the same time I remember buying these and using them for all sorts of ideas in my early days. Now whilst Mr. Taylor avoids the use of dice wherever possible I'm tempted to set the table up just for old times sake.
 I also saw this on one of the facebook forums again great memories of the pamphlets! that used to be produced with all us budding artists trying to achieve the Gilder effect!!
From a time when things were a lot simpler and some ways the lack of choice made for a more contented hobby.
No pictures of the workbench this week, I've based a couple of units up which are on my Crann Tara blog but painting has been sorely limited this week. Hoping for some progress this week


  1. In one way they show just how crude things were back then. I have several of the shire booklets- we thought they were wonderful when we were 13 or so.

    1. crude maybe but they fired the imagination and gave us motivation. :)

    2. Not crude THEN but by comparison crude now... or maybe not when you see how much simplistic childish crap there is about these days masquerading as historical rules .... at least those little books didn't assume you had the intelligence of a backward haddock.
      I take back crude- should have said underfunded perhaps ....

    3. Andy,
      Underfunded good word. I have to agree about a lot of the modern stuff may have glossy images, fantastic production values but as you say their content is almost an insult to the average historical gamer of the 60's-80's