Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Workbench Update and a trip to the Darkside

Sorry about missing last week, as preparations for my trip to Chicago gather a pace I'm finding lesss time to get orders completed, painting done etc.
Anyway the work bench has moved on  - the squadron of 11th dragoons are completed ( photo won't load) and we press on with the Sutlers cart and the Lion Rampant figures.

Just as a reminder these are the Claymore castings chaps I have finished

I also took my 10mm AWI from their boxes for a review - quite a few standards required but a handful of units will see the two armies ready for battle.

So a bit of motivation all round to get painting.
Monday saw my son take me to Warhammer World at Nottingham. I guess it must be 8 years since I last went and in that time I've sold 95% of my GW but still have fond memories and still like painting some of their models. My son just wanted to go see what had changed.

I'm not getting involved re money, prices etc all I can say for a day out I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main gaming hall hasn't changed too much except it now has a forgeworld and a black library shop.
There are still lots of nicely made gaming tables.

The exhibition hall has changed significantly first its £7.50 to go in but there are 5 halls and we spent over an hour admiring the painting and craftsmanship of the models and the displays.

This final model display speaks for itself and you work your way down the 22' high tower, there is so much to see on the model a fantastic display to look and admire. A nice trip down memory lane with my son and I day I enjoyed.


  1. Graham,
    There no denying GW know how to display their ranges, but dont consider re starting your collection.

  2. Robbie,
    Don't worry my son has collected enough for both and I need all my pennies for the 18th century :)

  3. Looking good the Claymore castings:)

  4. Dave,
    I wonder why? Great figures I'm still working on trying to be available for the 10th April!

  5. Nice variety of subject matter in this post. Good to see you have a 10mm AWI collection, so do I. Also have a son who shared visits to Warhammer World but he is now grown up and his armies sold long ago. Hope the weather is kind to you in Chicago.

    1. Chris,
      My son is 26 and now has his own disposable income and hence his dip into 30k - Dad has all the historicals :)

  6. Great to see that you still can be puled back to the "older dark" days Graham :^) GW do still do it very well don't they.

    1. Carlo,
      Quality is quality wherever it comes from. If a historical company had achieved this sort of success I'd have a camp bed in the building :)