Sunday, 28 February 2016

What's on the workbench

Just a couple of quick pics of most the workbench, the Westfalia Forge sutlers cart is coming along - I need a couple more figures to paint and then I can finish the vignette. 
Another French Battalion - I sent Steve too few figures so need to paint up 5 more to finish it off - must have being having a senior moment! 
There's a few more Scots pike for my Lion rampant force which I hope to finish soon, but really between getting a few conversions/sculpts finished I need to focus now on completing the armies for the demo game at Partizan.


  1. A busy workbench. I can't hop from one thing to another so I admire those that can - and still bring excellent quality to the table top.

  2. A tidy workbench too.... like Paul above I find it difficult to jump about projects an if I try usually get nothing completed satisfactorily. Good work.

  3. Gents,
    I guess each to their own! I always have a primary project - at the moment the 18th century. But then I like to have a few other bits on the go for when I haven't a lot of time - so secondary is the Lion Rampant pieces and the 30 minute in fill is the ACW. Their lack of progress generally means I have had time for some proper painting sessions :) the other pieces are the when I get round to its.