Thursday, 26 November 2015

Workbench Thursday

Apologies that its been a while since I gave regular updates,  lots going on and I thought retirement was all about relaxation and doing what you want!!!

Saxe's cavalry are now all based and just need the bases finishing and the figures matt varnishing. Still painting more British Line!

to the right there's some 15mm ancients for Big Battle DBA - this time the army of Spartacus and in the back ground some Perry plastic ACW - couldn't resist their battle in a box so I'm seeing how quick I can paint them using base coats, wash and highlight!!

Battleground show at Stockton on Saturday which I'm looking forward to- last show of the year for me.


  1. Graham,
    you do know that Sam Mustafa is releasing some ancient rules very soon, and will be a cross between Blucher and Maurice. I'm just thinking that you might want to re think your DBA game.

    1. Robbie,
      indeed. I'm sure what I have will be useable - am looking forward to them