Friday, 27 March 2015

Workbench 27/3

Well as reported last update my wonderful daughter got married on Saturday
A great day and my love and wishes to John and Helen on their future together.
Since then I've been playing catch up, pre.orders for Salute, Order writing for a campaign game etc.
The bench currently looks like -

I didn't get the French finished but hopefully this week.
The second picture also shows some 6mm (nearer 8) MDF Napoleonic Infantry - not finished but with 100 figures for £2 they're worth a try, available from Commission figurines, the etched detail is pretty good so I will see what they're like when finished and based en masse (mad or what!!!)

Finally some more shots of the Forged in Battle Ancient Indians - about to receive another good drubbing at the club last night - perseverance is whats called for ( and some decent dice throws!!!)


  1. Wonderful news Graham and congratulations - she and the girls look stunning and obviously take after their mother :^).

    Love the Indians mate - look sensational.

    1. Carlo,
      don't all daughters at their wedding!!!!
      The forged in battle range is nice

  2. Congratulations Graham,
    Carlo beat me to the remark.
    Thanks Robbie.