Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cabin Sort out and Ancients on display

Since moving in to the home some 2 and half years ago I have never really got to grips with the storage in cabin and garage what was on display in the cabin were generally buildings because they were quicker and easier to unpack.
After starting the rationalisation of my collections and sorting things out I've started moving buildings into crates and figures onto shelves :) First up the Ancients almost 4,000 painted and still growing.
 Below are some of my Greeks and Persian/Seleucid figures.
 Phalanx for the memories!! Part of the ten I have painted up for my Successors/Seleucid army for my Magnesia project.
 Greeks - Lots of them and all to be re-based
 Imperial Romans - still need more cavalry and some more lights but effectively finished.
 Romans and Germans
 Close up to show my Favorite Successor General Antigonus
Merry Christmas too you all, next to move in will be the Lord of the Rings collection and the 18th Century chaps :)


  1. That is an impressive collection you have. I think we have more or less the same interest, though my armies are slightly smaller.
    I also have armies of Greeks and Seleucids, and an interest in Lord of the Rings and 18th C armies (SYW). Amongst others of course,

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one!
      This s my fourth Greek army, I started in 1977 with 20mm Garrison figures, reckon I've painted almost 10,000 hoplites since then! Crazy

  2. This looks mightily impressive Graham. I half expected to see the shelves groaning with the weight of all those figures however you gave invested well in cabinetry!! Your ancient collection is mightily impressive mate. Looking forward to seeing more of these guys as you continue your rebasing. Simons rules?

    1. Carlo,
      I am returning to the WRG base sizing as it gives more flexibility for rules. Yes I'm using Simon's rules. You will find in an earlier post I designed and had printed Random Events for the game

  3. Blimey that's a lot of figures. Very impressive.