Saturday 30 August 2014

Some Pieces I've Been working on

Whilst it has been all hands to the pumps getting ready for the forthcoming shows and sorting through the Fife and Drum stock I have still managed to find time to paint and try some sculpting!!!!

These first two show a couple of vignettes I'm working on, the larger of the two shows a couple of Minden Hussars painted as Hessians during the '45 rebellion (courtesy Osprey) with a Crann Tara foot Officer and a Foundry? female and a warbases dog.

The smaller vignette is a RSM foot Officer, the mounted figure I sculpted using one of Richard's dollies, as with all my current early sculpts the shoulders are too wide but I like the figure.

 A command base for my Albion troops showing off some flags Iain at Flags of War kindly did for me. The figures are all from my Crann Tara range.
 Another vignette, a Minden Officer with hands behind back, a Crann Tara drummer and foot officer.
Again the two mounted figures are my sculpts - on Minden Horses again wide shoulder syndrome!
In the background you can just see a couple of Russian foot I had a go at making!!!
Still its progress and I have started painting some more Albion infantry.


tidders said...

Love the command stand, the vignettes look good too. I like the one with the Hussars.

Graham C said...

Thanks glad you like them.