Thursday, 28 November 2013


I'm sure many of you will have already heard and found the Artscow site
but you can create and design all manner of things on there and then for not unreasonable prices have them printed and delivered.
The Big Red Bat (Simon Miller) sent me a copy of his 'To The Strongest' Ancient rules, Simon uses packs of playing cards instead of dice for orders, combat etc.
Anyway I thought I'd treat myself so I contacted Secundus on the Iron Mitten blog
he is a very talented cartoonist and has done some great sketches of all periods so I asked if I could use some of his sketches to illustrate the cards for non. commercial purposes and he said no problem.
Below is the result,

The top picture shows the random events pack, on the left, which Simon hasn't included in his rules but which I'm going to try out. On the right is one of the player packs 80 cards numbered 1 - 10 (8 of each) and which I've used Roman numerals. Also included are two random event cards shown in the second pic( the poor Roman Musician) and also a reshuffle pack card .
It also shows the backs of the second player pack
I think great value for money and they are the only ones!!!!!!!
So once again thanks to Secundus for allowing me to use his pics.


  1. Golly, they look brilliant! Lovely to see Secundus' brilliant pics, on cards.

  2. Thanks Simon,
    and yes it is nice to use his artwork, I had loads of ideas to use some of his other pics but it may have got a little confusing but I think they will add to the game.
    I like my trimmings!!!!

  3. Hi Graham - they look fantastic. I am just about to start play testing Simons rules in the next month at our club in Perth, Australia. Are those cards going to be available commercially at all because they look fantastic and certainly nicer than playing cards on the table?