Tuesday 5 February 2013

Figures for Sale.

A while back I confessed that I had been a tad over enthusiastic in some purchases of painted figures. I has hoped a colleague of mine would have found room in his collection for the boys but I think he finds himself in the same boat as me. In both cases I'm just looking to recover my cost, in fact in terms of the Staddens its less than I paid!

Therefore before I seek the ebay route I have the following up for sale.

First up are the Stadden Grenadiers, 50 Rank and File and 7 command including the Mounted Officer, neatly painted and easily re based. I'm looking for £160 for this unit excl. postage.
All figures will be carefully wrapped to minimise damage.

Next up are the Holger Erickson Prussian dragoons

Again 24 Rank and File with 5 command figures, 29 figures in total £140.
Figures will be again individually wrapped to minimise damage.

If you're interested or have a proposition then let me know.

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