Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Regiment de Nuilly-la-foret (les lapins)

Just a couple of updates to let you know what I've been doing and that whilst a lot of time and money is going into Crann Tara Miniatures the 'Imagination' has not been forgotton.

I have the Grenadier company finished of the Light Regiment de Nuilly-la-foret nicknamed les lapins ( the rabbits) because of their brown coats and white turnbacks.
The second company is on the bench and hopefully wont be far away

Whilst definately not 18th century I've also been painting some more of those excellent Claymore Castings medieval figures for the Otterburn range. My first unit just about finished - a couple of more knights and standards to do.

All the figures are indiviually based as I'm still not certain about the rules and have been slotted into the excellent movement trays from warbases.


  1. Really like the 'Rabbits'!
    I suppose that, would the regiment hire a female company (from Eureka's 'Sandra' range), they would be called the 'Bunnies'?

  2. Now these look very good and has setmy mind racing about incorporating some for the Duchy. I have never seen these and will have to see if they're still available.
    And yes I suppose we could call them 'bunnies'!