Sunday, 27 May 2012

AAR Partizan

Well Partizan lived up to its reputation of being hot, outside temp of around 24c and I have to admit there was a bit of a whiff factor! floating around the hall during the day.
Lee and I presented our Toy Soldier 42mm Franco Prussian game which generated some good conversations.
Bavarian defenders await a French assault;
French dismounted dragoons work there way on the flank;
(these chaps were remarkable on the day the didn't take any casualties and caused great annoyance to the Bavaians/Prussians)

The Bavarian artillery irritated the French most of the game until the one French artillery hit that landed on target during the whole game took out all the crew!

The French assault - as the game developed the French pushed har on both flanks, at the top of the picture the French have reached the main road and cleared the Bavarian defenders _ Prussian reinforcements had arrived but were too late!

There were a number of other good games as usula at this show, next to us was the WOTR naval game by the team from WSS-

Aventine minaitures did a great looking ancients game but my pics didnt turn out. Perry's were there with a nice WOTR game, and there were many others but to be fair I didn't get a lot of time away from the table.

My only purchases of the day were some more Claymore Castings from Dave Imrie v.nice!
Overall the show seemed a little quieter and on our after show debrief during the drive home Lee and I discussed was it just us but did the show seem a little jaded this year?

I think it might be just us turning into grumpy old men! I think this show more than most gets a regular gropus of gamers and visitors, I dont see many new faces at this show but for that very reason I look forward to going and catching up with everyone. Still a great day out.

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