Sunday, 22 April 2012

Birthday Weekend and Highlander teaser

Well it was my Birthday on Friday but as the kids are now grown up, have jobs etc it sort of staggered through the weekend.
Inspite of the advancing years (not too old though) it was nice with some nice pressies, The War Game rules, training gear a couple of bottles of a bourbon liquor which is smooth and goes down oh too easily and a few other bits and bobs.
My wife has said if Salute is on my Birthday next year then I should go, such temptation.
To top all that Stewart at Griffin moulds turned my masters round in rapid time and the Metal masters came on Friday as well. ( very hard to show enthusiasm for the pressies when I wanted to play with the shiny new toys). I have to say they are even better than the greens (is that possible?)
Any wayt I had enough cast so I can play around with production mould content and also allow me to paint some.
They're not quite finished as I type this and the lighting in the study at this time of night is atrocious and does no justice to the figures but I couldnt wait to post one pic. Some proper ones will come tomorrow.
Dont look too closely as I say because the lighting does all sorts of things to the painting.

Next step is to post the greens back this week to Richard for six new sculpts and get the above into production.


  1. A belated "Happy Birthday" to you, sir. And how nice to get some things you want . . . "shiny"!

    -- Jeff

  2. Happy birthday! The Highlanders do look great!