Monday 30 August 2010

Woe betide the butterfly effect

Well another prolonged absence and whilst I may claim overwork it is only partially true. I was due to retire but they keep enticing me with new projects, that leads to more money and that leads to more wargames projects. So what's been happening? Writing the background for Scotia Albion has continued unabated, characters are fleshed out, a little more history has developed, and some strong minicampaigns prepared, just haven't painted the figures (well a few)

I just find my mind wandering and I end up with six or seven different projects on the painting table, I have drifted back into fantasy (blame my son), drifted into ancients (blame me), drifted into VBCW blame Robert at the club.

A sample of what I have been doing is below;-
These are pic of my Magnesia project, always loved pike and elephants. Guess I've painted a couple of hundred of these chaps so far!
This is Lord Guisboro and his body guard from my just started Very British Civil War project!!!
Here is Phillip d'Olley Minister of War, see I have done some Scotia Albion!!
Finally Richard Stark, assassin and spy extrodinaire. If I had painted nothing but my 18th Century there would be a full scale war going on, but that is life.
I have two regiments completed and after my Holiday in September my next Scotia Regiment hits the painting desk.
I think in the mean time I will use the blog to report my progress on all matters gaming in this mad world of mine.


abdul666 said...

"Dispersion! Acht! Gross Malheur!": the bane of so many wargamers...
Your minis look very good -I specially like the elephants- but Scotia Albion promised us *tricornes*!

"Richard Stark, assassin and spy extrodinaire.": intriguing...

Good to see you back to posting.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Your Ancients are just gorgeous . . . both pikes and pachyderms.

-- Jeff

Graham C said...

hamed into action, 12 tricornes plus fat King George on the painting table. Many thanks for the comments re the ancients.
As to Richard Stark his tales are being prepared - 'look to the shadows, look to the dark for there you will find Richard Stark'