Sunday, 3 January 2010

A New Year, a new resolution?

Like many, the best prepared plans went more than slightly off target towards the end of last year. The painting schedule almost ground to a halt due to work commitments but the enthusiasm continued unabated.

So its a Happy New Year to every one. The resolution is to update the blog on a fairly regular basis and if its not with painting progress at least with my thoughts or with reports on my other 18th century diversion of the AWI.

I have attached a few photos from a recent game I staged at my local club in an attempt to drum up some new recruits. Rules used are from the Perfect Captain and I have to say I feel they play very well and give good feel for the period.

This particular action was a Guilford Courthouse type game with the British trying to stop their opponents loading supplies into wagons and exiting off the board. Random arrival etc made for a very exciting game. Unlike most of the my previous games with these rules the British managed to avoid taking heavy casualties and the British Generals managed to defy all averages delivering some extremely crippling volleys at the most oportune moment.

In this particular case a British victory, whilst I'm painting my other armies I'm planning on running an AWI southern campaign in the New Year to see if the British luck holds.

All the best for 2010


  1. Looks like an exciting game . . . did you get any new recruits?

    -- Jeff

  2. Very nice terrain and minis! Must've attracted a few people, eh?

  3. Many thanks for the comments, yup managed to drum up 3 potetnial candidates, terrain was a combination of GamesWorkshop grass mat, eslo roads, home made fencing and walls and pre painted resin buildings from I think PMC.

  4. *Very* nice looking game.... who are the two units in green in picture S1052699??

    Also - is that a converged grenadier battalion or a regiment of fusiliers boldly marching up to that gun?? :o)

  5. Hi, questions in reverse order, yup that's a converged Grenadier battalion. The loyalists in green are Royal New York. Both painted at different times both representing the same unit, I'm going to change one in the near future.