Sunday, 27 September 2015

Workbench Progress

Slight change of pace. I finished the  Forged in Battle - War and Empire Macedonians for BBDBA a couple of  weeks ago but just gor round to finishing the basing etc.
Nice figures and paint up reasonably quick - using ink washes to speed up the process - next up Spartacus!!!!

 On the 18th Century front nearly finished a Minden Marshall - painting as Saxe in his regimental colours also doing some samples of the Princes Lifeguard as both the Lifeguard and the Garde Ecosse,to the right is Cumberland - thought it was about time I got him finished.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray,
      Hope to speak this time at Salute :)

  2. Ive been particularly impressed with Forged in Battle Graham, youve done a cracking job with the figures.
    Re the Garde du Corps, they are a fine looking bunch, which I will have to have.

    1. Robbie,
      Thanks - I think they are great figures and really quick and enjoyable to paint. Two armies down, a few more to go!

  3. Nice figures... And a nice windmill too!! ;-)

  4. Very nice work Graham - I like the windmill as well but couldn't see Don Quixote on any part of the workbench!