Friday, 13 March 2015

Workbench Full again - 12/03/2015

After last weeks worry that gaps had started to appear on the paint table its been a busy week, both form the domestic front - knocking walls down etc. and the gaming/painting side.
DBA3 - Big Battle is proving popular at the local club and having finished the Indian army which is constantly been beaten up by Macedonians I have started work on my Macedonians.
On the bench you will see some more of the Forged in Battle/West Wind ancients.

Also there are more 15mm Ansar for the Sands in the Sudan and I have managed to finish the first half of the French Tournaisis Regiment, the second half are undercoated and the flags are on the way from Maverick Models .

My daughter gets married a week on Saturday but I still hope to get the rest of the French finished. Then it will be heads down getting ready for Salute - so lots more 18th century painting:)

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