Friday, 27 March 2015

Workbench 27/3

Well as reported last update my wonderful daughter got married on Saturday
A great day and my love and wishes to John and Helen on their future together.
Since then I've been playing catch up, pre.orders for Salute, Order writing for a campaign game etc.
The bench currently looks like -

I didn't get the French finished but hopefully this week.
The second picture also shows some 6mm (nearer 8) MDF Napoleonic Infantry - not finished but with 100 figures for £2 they're worth a try, available from Commission figurines, the etched detail is pretty good so I will see what they're like when finished and based en masse (mad or what!!!)

Finally some more shots of the Forged in Battle Ancient Indians - about to receive another good drubbing at the club last night - perseverance is whats called for ( and some decent dice throws!!!)


  1. Wonderful news Graham and congratulations - she and the girls look stunning and obviously take after their mother :^).

    Love the Indians mate - look sensational.

    1. Carlo,
      don't all daughters at their wedding!!!!
      The forged in battle range is nice

  2. Congratulations Graham,
    Carlo beat me to the remark.
    Thanks Robbie.

    1. Robbie,
      set myself up for that one :)