Thursday, 7 December 2017

Off the Bench/On the Bench

After a busy week doing non-hobby business managed to get some time in.
So finished off some 10mm AWI a Loyalist unit and three units Riflemen so I may just be about ready to play Cowpens!!

In addition I got a unit of 6mm Portuguese done for my Peninsular war ( no photo!)
And whilst on the 6mm front thought I'd take a couple of pics of a 6mm Union force I acquired not so long ago - just need a few more and some rebs

On the bench are the 28mm Scots Fusiliers, half are just about finished and the second half started.
The Gangs of Rome game from Footsore Miniatures due out in January looks interesting so I've done a quick climb through the lead mountain and found a fair few rebellious Roman civilians and Farmers etc.
Maybe it's time to watch the two seasons of Rome again :)


  1. You ned to focus Graham, too many projects for any person.Great fusiliers by the way.

  2. Robbie,
    For me that's focused :) However the main plan is to get the Jacobites finished for May next year.
    The 6mm and 10mm quick to paint and just do a few everynow and then.
    Too many projects ? Can't match you 😀

  3. Too many projects...hmmm!
    Too many projects...???
    Too many projects...

    Nope no mater how many times I say it , it still comes out as whistles and bells in my head...

    There is never too many projects... this makes perfect sense ��
    Lovely toys ...

    All the best. aly

    1. Aly,
      Love it you're right it's all whistles and bells

  4. It is "Everything, All the Time" in Alba! Your workbench is a treat to follow, I very much like those 6mm Portuguese.

    1. Thankyou, the 6mm is coming along quite nice hope to have the British finished shortly

  5. Nice progress there Graham :)

    1. Tamsin,
      Thankyou, if I was as quick as you they would have been done weeks ago.

  6. Looking forward to hearing more about Cowpens when you do it - it will give me even more inspiration to get my 10mms out again