Thursday, 21 January 2016

Workbench Thursday and Cracking New Book

First and foremost not a bad week on the workbench front, Munro's foot ( 62nd) are all finished, the Scots Grey conversions are painted and the metal masters off to Griffin for casting.
The Westfalia forge sutlers cart is ready for priming and and a few pieces to be added for a vignette.
The reinforcements for my Lion Rampant Scots creep to the front as do some FIW indians.

Even better that tomorrow I'm off for a game at Colin's - Battle of Kolin and I'm trying the Honours of War rules, looking forward to it.

I also received volume 1 of Charles S Grant's latest publication in the new Refighting History.
Published by Caliver Books this large format 112 page publication is superb. With plates by the late Bob Marion, Menzel, superb pen and ink drawings and superb photo's of Charles' and John Ray's collections it looks great quality and to make it even better its a great read.


  1. Graham,
    Still working my way through Duffy's book. Its interesting to read about how poorly equipped the Jacobite's were at the start of the rebellion.

    1. Which actually makes it even more impressive what they achieved and you will already have read about their successful skirmishes even before the real campaign began :)