Friday, 1 May 2015

Salute Aftermath - Work bench

Well returned from Salute on Sunday, I have to say running a trade stand on the day ended up like being under siege.
All good of course as I was selling my figures but it did mean that apart from a quick scoot round before the doors opened I didn't get another chance.
Here's some pics I took together with a few from elsewhere ( can't remember where!)
 Couple of shots of the forthcoming Battle Star Galactica game _ like the look of this!!!

 4Ground displays - La Haye Sainte and their fantasy buildings

 Demo Game - Battle for Hoth


 Ron Ringrose and friends with their version of Bernard Cornwalls 'The Fort'

As to my progress just about all time is now taken preparing for Partizan and the demo, but I have found some time to do a bit of sculpting and conversion work.


  1. Great pics Graham! I love the British Field Forge you sell, that's why I bought one at Salute!. I didn't realise his was your blog?????

  2. Ray,
    first thanks for the purchase :) sorry I didn't pick up on you buying!!! Well now you know my alter ego.
    Hopefully more gaming stuff to appear in June :)

  3. Hi Graham, was great running into you! I failed to find your stand, though. Best, Simon

    1. Simon,
      Likewise. Sorry I couldn't get back to see the table with figure on it:).
      We were rather hemmed in and under siege for most of the day so am easy miss!
      I've got the rules - excellent