Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year, a short review and a look to the future

Well first and foremost I wish you all a Happy New Year and lets look forward to 2014.

Before doing so however like many I wish to take a short look back, I achieved 748 paint points which is almost 200 down on the previous year and is somewhat disappointing for me. However part of that was due to my close friend Lee's illness and subsequent death and part was just poor planning on my part!!! The painting plan, unlike the year before, effectively didn't last beyond first contact.

However the upside is that I reckon I managed to get around 35 games played this year which is very good and one I hope to improve on in the coming year.

Looking to 2014 then my butterfly approach to painting has to cease and I will be concentrating on four main themes -
first and foremost my 18th century figures. More Jacobites, more regiments for Scotia Albion and the Government troops when Richard has them finished.

28mm Ancients - Magnesia project this has and is a mammoth solo project but now with the tenth and final phalanx almost finished painting the remaining Seleucids and the Roman army doesn't seem so daunting now!!!!

15mm WWII - a bit of slow burner but my Arnhem project is chugging along quite nicely and its something I can do when pressed for time.

Finally and overlap with business - paint more Border Reivers and Irish for the a6th Centruy skirmish rules I'm busy writing and complete the rules!!!

I'm sure things will get added along the way but I will try and remain focussed on the above which is more than enough.

Hope to see quite a few of you over the next year at various shows etc.
All the best

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