Thursday, 16 April 2015

No Teddy Bears were harmed in this production

As I mentioned in my previous update the 31st May will see 23 members of the AMG forum get together at the Partizan show in Newark to play two 18th Century games.
I guess you're looking at over 800 years of wargaming experience coming together!!!!

I will provide more details of the games etc as the date draws closer. But in between preparing for Salute I suddenly decided that I would have a go at making some cloths for the games.

I've seen and read about the use of Teddy bear fur so armed with nothing more than a boat load of enthusiasm and the dogs hair trimmers I bought two large rolls and set to business.
Here's the progress shots of the first two cloths - the rolls come 5' wide so for both games I need two cloths - for the first table they will be both 6'x5'

The last picture shows the second cloth in production.
The brown squares are for the placement of buildings.
At the top of the other pictures the wide brown part is where I have cut the cloth to allow the Last valley streams to drop in although I guess it could double up as a wide road!!!

Overall I'm really pleased and I no longer have to worry about all the different makes and types of hills I have. So there will be some spare terrain going shortly, easier to make and store than terrain boards I'm hooked!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the Teddy Bear fur in person. It looks great!

  2. Gents,
    Thanks for the comments. Very pleased with it and of course helps greatly with storage

  3. It's interesting and amazing how good it looks.

    1. I got the idea and instructions from here
      Worth a look

  4. Personally I've never been convinced by these types of cloths - but then I'm a spoilt Grimbarian wargamer. Yours look very good though Graham and I can't wait for 31st.